6 Key Services a Locksmith Offers


A residential locksmith is an individual who fixes, installs, and upgrades locks and their parts for residential homeowners. You might need this specialist during the initial homebuilding phase or sometime after that. Locksmith covers a host of different services, ranging from the traditional five to more specialized ones. To better understand what services you might need from a residential locksmith, be sure to ask questions!

Emergency locksmith: This kind of locksmith can provide fast help in times of lockouts. Some people may feel safer locked out of their homes than in them, especially if they have valuable items or money that need to be locked away. If you lock the keys inside a building, you can call an emergency locksmith to unlock the doors for you. These locksmiths are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and usually expected to arrive within a half-hour.

Replacement of critical locks: If you move into your new home and discover that the old door locks have been replaced with newer, more secure locks, you may not want to throw out the whole set. Replacing the locks with a newer model can improve the security of your home. These experts can also install brand new door locks for you. While this will cost some money, it’s probably well worth it to avoid having to replace the entire lock later. Your money could be better spent on other home features or even on a new home!

Entry and exit points secured: Are the doors and windows of your home secured with high-grade locks? Do the deadbolts meet the security standards recommended by the National High-Tech Crime Center (NHTCC)? While a lock alone is not enough to protect your home against intruders, a combination of a high-quality lock and the proper door locks can provide excellent security. If you have a new home and are living in an area that experiences high-volume entry and exit points, it is even more important to find a local professional locksmith. An expert locksmith will have the tools, training and knowledge required to add extra layers of security to your home.

Deadbolts re-keying: Sometimes home security issues include removing existing deadbolts rather than adding new locks. Many people decide to remodel their doors rather than to remedy them. While a remodel can increase the value of a property, it can also cause quite a bit of homeowner frustration. A locksmith can re-key many doors at once without much hassle.

Back-up service: Have you had a relative or friend steal something during a break-in? What would happen if you locked yourself out? Hiring a locksmith services is one of the best ways to prevent this type of disaster from happening. You can use an experienced company to make the inside of your home secure while you call a professional locksmith to make repairs or open the door.

Locksmith emergency services: Locksmith services such as this offer emergency services at a minimal cost. Most people have at least one keyless lockbox in their home, and many have several. These can be difficult to get into when you have locked yourself out. For added protection, a locksmith can cut a code to access the correct combination. This service might be needed immediately, so it pays to know the locksmiths to contact in a situation where an emergency locksmith is needed.

Locksmith emergency services may include the removal of deadbolt locks or opening jammed locks. They can also diagnose and repair damage or misalignment of the locks. Having an emergency locksmith on call can save you time and money in the event of a lock emergency. You can’t always trust the locksmith that you call for help when something goes wrong with your locks. It pays to be smart about choosing a reputable locksmith that can provide the right locksmithing services for the services you need.